I’m so thrilled to have photographed super-cook Sally Wise’s latest book, A Kitchen in the Valley, which has just hit the stands across Australia and abroad.
Working with Sally had been on the cards for sometime, and last July the stars aligned and it happened. It almost didn’t though as two months prior to the shoot I had a serious mountain bike accident and had to undergo spinal surgery, and I was only a month into recuperation by July. I could not have done the book without the considerable assistance of the fabulous Mel de Ruyter, who not only got the coffees, but set everything up, packed it all up, drove everywhere, provided creative input and even took a few shots herself! She’s got a a couple of full pages of images in the book.
Working with Sally, stylist Michelle Crawford, Stephanie, Robert, and Harper-Collins Matt Stanton was a great pleasure, and I think it shows in the finished book, which is simply beautiful.
Taking in Sally’s current and previous home areas of the Derwent Valley and the Tasman Peninsula, the book is as much a celebration of Tasmania’s beauty and lifestyle as it is about Sally’s beautiful food. I should know, Sally insisted we eat and eat and eat during the shoot! Go grab yourself a copy. Will make a fantastic Mother’s Day gift too!













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